How did the idea come about?

“After graduating from University, I struggled to break into the industry. I eventually secured a foot in the door by applying for an entry-level Trainee scheme which provided me with the crucial experience I needed to fulfil my career aspirations and over the course of a year, I progressed from Edit Trainee to 1st Assistant Editor. During those early days, I realised that there were very few people that looked like me in the cutting rooms so I set about figuring out ways to influence and transform the status quo…and so, BWIPP was born. The industry is adjusting to a post COVID world but there are opportunities out there and productions are actively seeking diverse talent so I want to facilitate that. This is why I’m so passionate about BWIPP and what it has to offer. I want the platform to be accessible to all at all levels no matter where you’re based.  ” – Jasmin, Founder

Jasmin graduated with a 1st Class BA Hons in Digital Film Production from Ravensbourne back in 2017 and broke into post production through ScreenSkills Trainee Finder Scheme a year later. Her first trainee job was Horrible Histories The Movie: Rotten Romans. She now works as a 1st Assistant Editor on High End TV Productions. 

Who can join?

Any Black or Black Mixed Heritage woman working, or looking to work, in the UK post production industry is welcome to join our network. Whether they’re an entry level edit trainee or a highly experienced Post Producer, there are no age restrictions, education or career stage requirements.  

How do I join?

Simply click ‘Join’ on our homepage. Alternatively, head to www.bwipp.co.uk/join.  

How much does it cost?

Silver membership is FREE as we want to make sure that we are accessible to all Black women. Silver members receive access to our exclusive platform (online and via the App) where they can connect with other members, learn and receive support from other women, engage in discussions about improving equity, share experiences, advice and job opportunities. This membership plan also includes access to our blog, a go-to resource featuring latest industry news and a selection of useful resources. For only £5 a month, (that’s the price of a coffee and a pastry!) you can become a BWIPP Gold member. As a social enterprise, this membership fee helps to keep us up and running! In return for your financial support, you will have access to all of the above PLUS exclusive access to our specially curated events and programmes including networking events, mentoring and panel talks with industry professionals. Both membership levels receive our monthly newsletter.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Simply email hello@bwipp.co.uk and we’ll take care of the rest. Simply contact us and we will cancel your membership for you. Please note: All Gold membership monthly payments are final and cannot be refunded. If that month’s payment has already been made, it cannot be refunded. 

I’m a new entrant/trainee. Is this for me?

Absolutely! The industry recruits through networks so we’ve created our own. We are fuelled by a core belief system to be exclusive in order to ensure the workforce is inclusive. The market is saturated with various recruitment platforms and some even have restricting criteria, particularly for new entrants (e.g. minimum of 3 broadcast credits). That’s where we come in! We have 0 requisites. This platform is exclusively for you to connect with other women just like you, engage in discussions, learn and receive support in navigating your way through an industry largely dominated by cronyism and tokenism. It is an online community created by a woman of Black Mixed heritage for women of Black or Black Mixed heritage to empower you to feel that you are valued in the industry and supported by the industry. 

Our members, ambassadors, industry and brand partners all work with us to influence and transform the status quo. We couldn’t do it without them!

What about production companies/HR professionals etc?

If you have a job opportunity you wish to share with the BWIPP community, please email us and we’ll facilitate that for you. We will shortly be offering production companies the opportunity to register and access our members directory to tap into the network for recruitment purposes. Sign up to our newsletter for an update on this! They will also have the opportunity to partner with us to help champion diversity in post production.

Are you hiring?

Not at the moment but do check back soon! We’ll post a site notice when we are.